Kalopsia Collective was founded 10 years ago in Norwich, England by Adam Robertson and Nina Falk as a textiles artist collective together with weaver Louise Weeden and creator Rachel Lobban.

Kalopsia Collective’s original goal was to raise the profile of contemporary textile practice, which we believed was, and still is, neglected by some of the artistic communities. Kalopsia promoted and celebrated textiles as the third conceptual school of artistic thought, alongside painting and sculpture.

Today Kalopsia Collective is a registered Social Enterprise operating as a textiles product manufacturer in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Kalopsia supplies a range of clients from start-ups to luxury brands with high-quality and conscious-made accessories and apparel in the client’s fabric.

Margo Selby Assemble Bag

To celebrate our 10 years in the textile industry and community, we are offering 10% off your manufacturing order.

Order before Sunday 4th of September at 11.59pm

Code: Kalopsiadecade

Photos: Kalopsia Gallery 2013 & Margo Selby weave turned into an Assemble bag 2020

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