Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox in Scotland: A Partnership That Delivers for the Mature Gamer


In the ever-evolving landscape of video gaming, where the once niche industry has become a global phenomenon, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to cater to their diverse audience. Xbox, a more prominent player in the gaming industry, has recently demonstrated its commitment to delivering products that resonate with its demographic and clientele. As the average age of gamers rises and the gaming community becomes more inclusive, Xbox has recognised the importance of collaborating with like-minded brands that understand the evolving needs and preferences of their users. This is where the partnership with Kalopsia comes into play, as they bring their expertise in creating stylish, wearable, and durable products that appeal to Xbox's now mature user base.

Catering to a Mature Demographic:

Gone are the days when video games were solely associated with teenage boys. The gaming industry has experienced a significant shift, with the average age of gamers now being in their 30s. This change in demographics necessitates a fresh approach to game-related merchandise, including clothing and accessories. Xbox has astutely acknowledged this shift and actively sought out collaborations with brands that understand the evolving tastes and preferences of their clientele like Gucci. Creating with them 100 numbered sets of custom Xbox series X consoles with the GG-pattern laser engraved onto them. They also created a hard luggage case.

The bespoke tartan design for the project by Gordon Nicholson Kiltmakers (GNK) holds immense sentimental value, and no thread is left unappreciated. To ensure maximum utilisation of this extraordinary material, Kalopsia and their talented collaborators embarked on a creative adventure. Together, they developed a captivating line of products that showcased the tartan's beauty and paid tribute to Xbox's two decades in Scotland. This commitment to craftsmanship and resourcefulness echoes the ethos of Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers, who believe in "Real Folk Making the Real Thing."


Enter Kalopsia:

Kalopsia, a renowned textiles manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and durability, aligns perfectly with Xbox's vision of catering to the mature gamer. With a strong focus on quality materials and contemporary design, Kalopsia has become synonymous with fashion-forward products that appeal to a discerning audience. By partnering with Kalopsia and GNK, Xbox ensures that its merchandise reflects the refined tastes of its user base while maintaining the essence of gaming culture.

Photocredit: GNK


The Importance of Collaboration:

Collaboration has become an essential aspect of brand strategy in the gaming industry. It allows companies to tap into the expertise of established brands from different sectors, creating a synergy that results in unique and appealing products. Xbox's collaboration with Kalopsia exemplifies the value of such partnerships. By joining forces, Xbox and GNK gain access to Kalopsia's manufacturing and crafting prowess, ensuring that their merchandise remains on-trend and desirable.

When it comes to creating products, it is crucial to embrace gender neutrality. This means avoiding stereotypes and designing merchandise that appeals to gamers of all genders. By doing so, companies like Xbox and Kalopsia can create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters equal enjoyment and engagement in gaming experiences. After all, it’s not just teenage boys and young men who use Xbox.

Stylish, Wearable, and Durable Products:

When it comes to gaming merchandise, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Kalopsia's products are carefully crafted with Gordon Nicholson’s stylish fabric and materials creating products that not only look good but also stand the test of time. Our attention to detail ensures that Xbox's merchandise not only appeals to the fashion-conscious gamer but also holds up under the demands of everyday wear. The partnership with Kalopsia allows Xbox to bridge the gap between gaming culture and fashion, offering products that effortlessly blend style and durability.

While the collaborative effort resulted in a wide array of beautiful products, one creation deserves special mention: Kalopsia's cross-body bag, specially designed for this project. This bespoke piece perfectly complements the range of merchandise developed for Xbox's anniversary celebration. Additionally, Xbox selected products from Kalopsia's 'Assemble' range, including bucket hats and scrunchies, to incorporate the new tartan design, recognising the value of utilising items from Kalopsia's standardised collection.


Xbox's collaboration with Kalopsia is a testament to their commitment to delivering for their demographic and clientele. Recognising the changing face of the gaming community, Xbox has embraced the need to cater to a mature audience that values both style and substance. By partnering with Kalopsia and GNK, Xbox ensures that its merchandise remains relevant, fashionable, and durable, aligning perfectly with the evolving tastes and preferences of its users. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this pave the way for exciting innovations that blur the lines between gaming, fashion, and lifestyle.

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