Collaboration in the fashion industry is an essential part of growth and is embedded in the fashion industry's DNA. They spark innovation and signal how to design and manufacture for a better future.

At KC Manufacturing, we are proud of the industry collaborations we work with, as they support us in our everyday operations as a Scottish-based fashion manufacturer. We recognise the immense value in the work we do with you - our customers. This is a direct collaboration with thousands of designers, companies, students and individuals looking for unique products. Combining our design style with your unique textile DNA, our products highlight, in its purest form, the power of collaboration and responsible design. 

By consistently introducing cutting-edge design innovation to the market and seamlessly blending it with your fabrics and unique design preferences, we can further showcase the strength of personalised collaboration in the fashion industry.

We know that a personal story is attached to the art we create. At KC Manufacturing, we want to know your story and bring to life a product that represents our unique manufacturing processes, with your design DNA, to create a truly unique and timeless product.

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