During this week when we look more closely at the people that make our clothes, we think it’s also important to take a moment to think about those that wear them too.

It goes without saying that models have become more mindful, empowered and vocal on location and on the runway and taking care of models' health, safety and wellbeing is more of a priority than ever for the fashion industry.

Regardless of this the modelling industry can still be just as rife with exploitation as the manufacturing side of fashion and textiles.

We have in the past seen this first hand when working with models sourced through traditional channels and after one particular saddening shoot we decided we needed to take a different approach to this to be able to call ourselves a truly ethical business.

Kalopsia now has clear guidelines for modstels that cover age, health and wellbeing. We also now deal with all models directly to ensure that their fee for the shoot is going directly to them, that they are happy, feel safe and are not doing anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.

We see models as part of our team and always look to form the same relationships with them as we would with all our other team members. This means you will see the same faces appear again and again through Kalopsia’s campaigns as we develop and grow together.

The two key models you will see through Kalopsia shoots are Maja and Isa, who are our location models for the Stockholm shoots. Working with them both is fantastic and there is nothing better than working with models you know share the same ideals, are true advocates for your brand and are frankly just really inspirational!

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