For nearly 5 years Kalopsia ran a program of Textiles art Exhibitions in a range of spaces across Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre in Edinburgh. Exhibiting work by an incredible collection of artists, designers and creators. From conceptual installations to intricate handmade soft sculptures all created through the lens of "textiles".

At the time this was the only gallery space in Scotland (if not the UK) that was permanently dedicated to displaying and championing the work of Contemporary textile practitioners of all types from around the world.
What was even more exciting about the gallery was its location in such a prominent, public space. This wasn’t a hidden away gallery just for artists and those in the know, it was a raw open space where anyone who wanted to engage with art, could. This was challenging but was truly one of the more rewarding times for Kalopsia and one we would love to revisit in the future.

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Kalopsia’s early exhibitions were noticed by Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre and the shopping centre management eventually invited the collective to move into the centre in 2014, transforming empty shop units into gallery spaces.

This partnership went on to be so successful that Kalopsia was made the official artist in residence for the centre in 2015. A position that was the first of its kind in the UK.


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