Fashion Revolution 2022 Is Here!!


Fashion revolution week has arrived again and time for us all to think about how we can transform the fashion and textile industry. Here at Kalopsia the core values of fashion revolution week are with us every day as we continue to challenge the traditional manufacturing structure. 

Im sure everyone believes that textile and fashion workers deserve a fair wage and for companies to value people and planet over profit and growth… but how often do you actually think about that when picking up the latest clothing deal.

 Working in the textile industry the amount of labour that goes into just 1 garment or accessory is incredible. And when you think about the design, material, machine, transportation and staff costs that go into a £3.50 blouse you have to think to yourself that there must be someone being exploited to get the price that low - and more often than not it is the machinists that suffer. Its time for everyone to make a change and actually think about where your clothes come from, who’s making them and actually understand why they cost what they do… start a revolution I suppose. 

Everyone needs to take accountability and think about how we can do better, how we can buy better and how we can make the fashion and textile industry an overall better place. It may take time, not everyone can always be perfect but the discussion needs to start and what better time to do that right now. 

Written by Kirsty Watson, Production Coordinator

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