As a start-up business in 2013 Kalopsia was always destined to be a business that supported function over landfill.

Both Nina and Adam joint Directors of the business are fans of “constructionism” and “form that follows function”. To them constructionism and or constructivism is creating objects of desire through their constant learning and continually improving its form for function, whilst minimising its waste or ensuring there is no waste.

This also follows their passion for all things Bauhaus, the German art school, the architectural movement and the ethos of combining beauty with purpose or usefulness.

In a world of decreasing resources it makes sense to ensure objects are created with a specific purpose and are equally beautifully designed.

Have you ever stopped to question your motives for buying anything that does not have a specific purpose? What about those retailers that sell party balloons, gift trinkets and similar things that are destined for “landfill”.  Beyond the instant gratification of the recipient we all know “once popped, it’ll end up in the bin, or placed at the back of a drawer - and put back on display if the giver is expected round!”

As a consumer I am also a fan of pared-back design and I often search for products that will improve my lifestyle choices if they replace something or fulfil a need or a new purpose.

As a teenager I was introduced to Bauhaus.  Whilst I now embrace the minimalist lifestyle I will forever grin when I hear:

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