Glasgow Shoot 2024

Our Assemble products recently went on a day trip to be a part of our recent photoshoot, showcasing our latest collection of new accessory bags, hats and apparel. We love any excuse to visit one of our favourite Scottish cities, and after having a successful diverse fashion photoshoot there in September, we decided we weren’t finished with Glasgow just yet. In showcasing our incredible new products, we thought we would take the opportunity to explore the key principles that drive our collections and discuss the design and functionality of our products.Man standing on slant in coat and bucket hat

Our first consideration is always whether our products fulfil the desires and needs of our clients and their customers. We prioritise creating items that are not only sought after but also effectively used in daily life. Our commitment to necessity is complemented by our dedication to simplicity, both in finish and construction. We find it best to avoid unnecessary details or non-functional elements, ensuring that our bags are streamlined and efficient. Additionally, we embrace minimalism in both fabric use and design, starting with a clean slate devoid of thrills, embellishments, or impractical detail, allowing the beauty and simplistic practicality of our products to shine through. Kalopsia Collective’s approach to design is grounded in logic, emphasising the importance of building upon existing designs rather than by trying to reinvent the wheel. By starting with what works and continuously developing, improving, and innovating, we ensure that our products evolve in a logical and sustainable way. Moreover, longevity is the foundation of our company’s ethos. We design our accessories to endure, both in terms of construction and design, ensuring that they stand the test of time. By anticipating future needs, we aim to prioritise easy disassembly (even in the absence of current systems) to enhance adaptability and longevity.

Our street-style photoshoot aims to not only showcase our products and their urban appeal, but also highlights how they are a canvas on which to express individual style. No matter what fabric, colour or pattern they’re made with. Embodying our key principles, each product is a testament to simplicity, longevity, and the continuous evolution of practical design.

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