At KC Manufacturing, sustainability extends beyond production. Product longevity is woven into our manufacturing DNA, from our Assemble range to custom orders. Materials are carefully selected throughout our production process to ensure your product stands the test of time. Incorporating our unique and innovative repair solutions, we extend the lifespan of your products beyond the daily wear and tear. 

Manufacturing decisions such as our use of polycotton linings are the result of meticulous testing and research into how to best remain sustainable and extend the life of a product by protecting your outer fabrics, and while we are always working towards ways to be more sustainable, we hold ourselves to a high standard that we apply across the board in our manufacturing facility. 

We offer a unique manufacturing service, building upon our existing product shapes across apparel, homeware, and accessories. Our Assemble range provides the most efficient method to repurpose surplus fabrics, offering a blank canvas for your designs to flourish. From us, you are guaranteed a product shape crafted in a way that ensures adaptability and longevity to its core. 

KC Manufacturing prioritises sustainability and innovation for your products. Working from our manufacturing facility in Dunfermline, Scotland, we service clients, ranging from established luxury brands to independent brands, across the UK and the globe. Investing with KC Manufacturing is an investment in sustainability, ethical practices, and in support of fair labour conditions. 

With roots in Scandinavian design and proudly produced in Scotland, our products embody more than just clothing; they reflect lifelong efforts into sustainability.

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