In collaboration with Hanyku Department Stores

At Kalopsia, we take pride in being a hub of creativity and sustainability, and it's heartening to see that our commitment to eco-conscious practices has become a beacon that keeps drawing people back to us.

We encourage everyone to join us in the transformative journey of repurposing fabric, contributing to a more sustainable and vibrant industry. Our reach extends globally as we supply companies, brands, and shops with products manufactured right here in Scotland, embodying the essence of quality craftsmanship and ethical practices.

One noteworthy collaboration that stands testament to our dedication is our partnership with Hankyu, a distinguished Japanese department store chain. In the early days of 2020, we were honoured to meet with a team of Japanese buyers who were captivated by Kalopsia's sustainable manufacturing model and our innovative use of high-end waste from mills across the UK.

This collaboration culminated in a stunning range of accessories for Hankyu's British Fair later that year. Half of the collection featured Hankyu's own unique tartan, while the other showcased tartan surplus and seconds sourced by us. The seamless integration of our ethos with Hankyu's vision made this project a joyous and straightforward collaboration.

Hankyu Department Stores

Hankyu Department Stores, Inc. stands as a cornerstone in Japan's retail landscape, with stores gracing cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and more. The roots of this institution trace back to 1907, demonstrating a rich history of providing quality and express service to its patrons.

We are immensely proud to have collaborated with Hankyu, further solidifying the value of our “Assemble” range on an international stage. As we continue to champion sustainability and craftsmanship, we look forward to more opportunities to showcase Scotland's manufacturing talent to the world.

Why choose Kalopsia?

At Kalopsia, we champion sustainability by encouraging patrons to choose our services for their apparel and accessories. Our commitment extends beyond just crafting new items; we actively advocate for repurposing old materials, transforming them into bespoke creations that tell a unique story. In embracing Scottish craftsmanship and promoting sustainable practices, Kalopsia offers a distinctive blend of tradition and innovation, inviting businesses to not only order quality products but also be part of a narrative that values heritage and responsible consumption.

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