At KC Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on a transparent production process. And with Fashion Revolution Week coming to an end, we wanted to speak in detail about a part of our production process that you may be curious about. In our production of bags, we exclusively use a Poly-Cotton lining when finishing our products. We recognise a wide variety of differing opinions when it comes to poly-cotton lining, and we felt that it was important to talk about why we feel this is the best option in our production process. 

We're firmly against greenwashing and are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our environmental statements. Our choice of Poly-Cotton lining remains consistent with our values, balancing strength, durability, and environmental impact. We hope that an open conversation around Poly-cotton will demonstrate a further commitment to transparency around our production process, environmental decisions and continuous improvements in our product quality.

Poly-Cotton is a blend of Polyester and Cotton, blends can differ, and here at KC Manufacturing, our lining is a 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton blend. This works for us, combining Polyester's durability with cotton's lightweight and breathability. During our in-house trials of lining options, we prioritised durability to ensure our products withstand everyday use. We understand the significance of product longevity. Through rigorous testing and research, we found that Poly-Cotton offers the durability needed to elevate our products. This ensures that one bag can last a lifetime, reducing waste and unnecessary purchases.

While we stand by our use of Poly-Cotton lining in bags, we want to emphasise that this choice is specific to these products. We would not use Poly-Cotton in clothing due to practical considerations. Cotton's breathability contrasts with Polyester, combined with Polyester's rougher texture, resulting in a less comfortable experience for the wearer. We recognise the importance of using materials in the appropriate context, and for us, Poly-Cotton aligns with our values of product longevity and durability in bag manufacturing.

We remain committed to transparency, and to our environmental responsibilities, we understand that every decision comes with its own set of pros and cons. While working towards our sustainability targets, we acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Pure cotton or polyester linings would not align with our sustainability goals or product values. We've determined that Poly-Cotton offers a more sustainable option, often requiring less water and energy in its production compared to pure cotton. For instance, the significant water usage in cotton production—roughly 10,000 litres per kilogram of cotton — underscores the importance of considering alternatives. While polyester production may not require vast land and water resources, it does contribute to carbon emissions due to its reliance on fossil fuels and, and makes up a portion of microplastic pollution.  These environmental factors weigh heavily in our material selection process, guiding us toward choices that minimise our ecological footprint while upholding our product standards and values. 

Kalopsia is constantly trialling new ideas and practices. We recognise that opinions may differ on this topic, however, we hope to open the doors into our decision-making, continuing to offer full transparency on these topics. Every decision we make is to move us closer to our environmental goals. If you would ever like to find out more about why a decision was made by the team or how an idea will work in practice get in contact with the team on social media or email and they would be more than happy to discuss! Find out more about our environmental decisions here:


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