Let’s face it, I think we’ve all heard enough about “the German market”, which having visited the Edinburgh one midweek evening was actually quite pleasant. Yes, the one taking up Princes Street gardens beside the galleries. Ok so, fair enough I’d never actually venture through those gardens at this time of year for fear of being landed on by a pigeon, or worse, accosted by a group of boozed up under age sorts.  “Hoy, mister gies a loan oh yer hat?”

My response: “Why yes, young sir, here you go.” (Not actual conversation)

You’ve maybe read all there is to say on the German market, I’m not going to bore you here – suffice to say, you’re now best dressing as an American football player rather than in your recently bought “Canada Goose jacket and fake fur bucket hat”.

The vast majority of the “Scandi” shops are interior based or beautifully designed “nik-naks” - is that even a thing? You know what I mean though, right? Quirky gifts that take up almost no space are given to friends and loved ones that are either cherished or end up in a drawer to be brought out when they next visit… yes, you know who you are!

The latest addition is Susan Doherty (she of Hula Juice Bar) her new little paradise at the bottom of Broughton Street is called: 

LIFE STORY – I don’t know your life story, but mine has a few ups and downs; yep, that’s what she’s called it, so be gentle.

“Edinburgh’s independent store for stylish homewares, jewellery, accessories and lifestyle products.”

Round the corner from Susan is:


“Who supply premium contemporary furniture and lighting to contract and residential clients throughout the UK and Europe.”  Which may sound like a big and bold statement, however it fits their big and bold price points. There can be no doubt however it is a beautifully curated collection of interior pieces.

More in my line of beautiful things with manageable price points is the rather lovely:


For all things Moomins, candles and lush stuff for the kitchen. Ok, so it’s a regular haunt of mine for Christmas type stuff for “rels that are irregular visitors to Stockholm, Malmo and Copenhagen, but would like to be there more often.”

Then there’s


Which kind of give the game away by the very obvious names of the stores… have to say, last year my other half, divine being that she is, bought me the softest orange leather gloves from Nordic Outdoor. Those gloves have created the biggest heartache in anything I’ve ever been given.  They’ve been left on a bus, one has gone “walk-about” and returned, they were most recently left at a collaboration party at Stewart Christie tailor’s store on Queen Street – after getting the assembled, now tipsy, guests to search high and low, I “discovered” them in the toilet – ahem.

 Then there’s, well yes, yet another interior store…

BOCONCEPT who state:

“We’re offering the latest within modern interior design and accessories.” Which I’m choosing not to challenge, maybe it’s the latest to them, rather than the latest to you and I?  Anyway, they are lovely people who offer regular talks by architects and interior design people. Get yourself along; you could get yourself a glass of fizz and light snacks into the bargain whilst learning a thing or two about Scandi design?

Then and lastly, there are all those brands that use KALOPSIA – Eh? Yep, well ok, so the fabric and cloth is of various origin designed by:

Woolly Originals

Harris Tweed

Joshua Ellis


The list goes on – the designs they choose have all been developed by Nina Falk (the tailor from Stockholm) who is the founding partner at Kalopsia; so you see… very Scandinavian in design.

So where to buy them? Next year we plan to share a list of places / stockists, for now though they can be found all over the UK, typically in various “Visitor centres”, museum and gallery shops as well as brilliant little stores like:



Which, as luck would have it is just up from Susan’s LIFE STORY on Broughton Street.

Get yourself along and you’ll be pleased to learn - it is all “Made in Scotland.”

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