We are a bit late to make any April Fools jokes now so lets just jump right into something else!

As we have mentioned before in a previous newsletters and blog post, 2022 has been a tough one for the textiles and fashion industry. Especially those wanting to do things better and make in the UK. Many of our conversations with fellow manufacturers and brands over the past three months have been around order delays, cancellations, staff self-isolating, clients ghosting and the general mental stress this is all putting on everyone teams. Right now everyone is hurting, everyone, regardless of size and we need to act fast to support the manufacturers that are holding on. 

Right now we know that not every business has the luxury of just being able to place more bigger orders (But if you do, awesome, give is an email today!) but there are a few small things you can do to help support your manufacturers through this challenging transitional period; 


It sounds silly but if you are planning an order for later in the year, let your factory know now. Cashflow is the biggest killer of businesses and having a good idea of what you are likely to have coming in, and when, can be a major help when making plans and looking for finical support


We know money is tight across the board at the moment and even one positive test can spell disaster for a project, but if there is something wrong just let us know! This has been a very common problem we are hearing about at the moment. Clients looking to place orders, something goes wrong and they ghost their factory.

We completely understand losing an order or having to drop a project can be embarrassing and stressful and it may seem easier to just ignore your manufacturer, but this can put them in a really tricky situation so just let us know. It’s always a shame to lose an order but right now it’s really common! 


There is truly nothing more powerful than a recommendation, so any post, review, or introduction can make all the difference.
There is truly nothing more powerful than a recommendation, so any post, review, or introduction can make all the difference. We are endeavouring to do the same so look out for more posts and articles about our amazing clients and partners! 

Put simply, let's all do what we can to support each other and lets come out of this period of time stronger and more connected. Let’s use this pain point to strengthen British textiles manufacturing through collaboration

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