Beyond the shop front, sale racks, trends and stock rotations is a skilled worker, an artisan who meticulously made your clothes with passion and attention to detail.

Fashion Revolution week allows us to celebrate makers craftsmanship whilst reminding ourselves to be thoughtful of those in the industry who are being exploited. Not every skilled artisan is treated as such, with fair working conditions, decent wages and support.

How can you be a part of the revolution?

As consumers it’s important to ask questions to help create more transparency within the fashion industry. By asking where and how your clothes are made, you become part of the revolution as you help to bring awareness to exploitation.

Collectively, we need to demand a change of positivity within the fashion industry to allow each skilled artisan to be celebrated and given the credit they so rightly deserve.

Written by Chloé Mckinstry, Textile Production Technician

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