Pockets in women's clothing are more than just functional compartments; they embody a rich tapestry of history, feminist discourse, and fashion silhouette concerns.

Historically, the absence of pockets in women's garments has been glaring. Tracing back centuries, men's clothing featured sewn-in pockets while women resorted to tie-on pockets, reflecting deep-rooted gender disparities in fashion. This discrepancy persisted through the Victorian era, where trousers with pockets became synonymous with masculinity, while women were discouraged from carrying money and being financially independent.

Nicoma silk dress shot in Stockholm 

The feminist implications of pockets cannot be overstated. The lack of functional pockets in women's clothing symbolises a broader societal inequality, where women were denied the autonomy afforded by something as seemingly mundane as a pocket. Pockets became a battleground in the fight for gender equality, with activists decrying the marginalisation of women in fashion and everyday life.

In the realm of fashion, the debate over pockets extends beyond functionality to silhouette concerns. Traditional notions of femininity often prioritise sleek, streamlined lines, leading designers to give up pockets in favour of smoother contours. However, this emphasis on aesthetics has come at the expense of practicality, leaving women with limited options for carrying essentials like phones, keys, and wallets.

Despite these challenges, pockets are gradually gaining recognition as a feminist issue within the fashion industry. Designers and brands are finally increasingly incorporating functional pockets into their collections, challenging conventional norms and empowering women with greater utility and freedom in their clothing choices.

As we continue to advocate for inclusive and fair fashion, let us not overlook the humble pocket—a symbol of women's struggle for equality and a beacon of progress in the ongoing pursuit of fashion liberation.

Linen dress designed by Sarah Harrison shot at Skeppsholmen 

The Assemble Apparel range has been designed to accommodate pockets!
PLUS, Assemble pockets are not just some nice afterthought that barely have enough room for spare change, but functional constructions, capable of holding phones and keys. We also believe and know that pockets are critical in making the wearer feel comfortable in a garment, increasing it’s long term appeal and helping foster the sorts of bonds with the wearer that lead to a long useful garment life.
All designers need to learn to embrace the design challenges associated with pockets and innovate on how to include them effective and will minimal impact.

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