As much as we love coffee, we need to dispose of our "waste" in environmentally conscious way.

Coffee sacks are made from the Jute plant, an eco-friendly material with the strength to hold vast quantities of coffee beans. Each sack makes around 700 standard cups of coffee - As a general rule you can expect an average sized UK coffee shop to sell 230 cups of coffee per day. That's over 9 sacks a month!

Hessian sacks are made from roughly spun natural plant fibres, which are tough enough to endure heavy use as cargo bags. The natural fibre material used to make these is from the skin of Jute plants - "Hessian" is the word given to the weave.

This hessian is a beautiful material to work with and create an amazing bag, any bag not just a coffee sack! So what can we do with all these unwanted sacks? Make lovely Assemble bags to prolong the lifetime of this beautiful and hardwearing material.

Find out more about our how we can repurpose your material at or contact us on if you want to hear more about our service.

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