It wasn't until 2016 that we managed to get a Social Enterprise status after years of striving for social change and improving the environmental impact of our business.

Back then, Textiles and fashion weren’t seen in the same light as today. Convincing people that a manufacturer could be doing something social and environmental was sometimes tricky. However, being a Social Enterprise was and is extremely important to us.

Currently, there are no official, quantifiable standards for what constitutes ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ within textiles and apparel manufacturing and the terms have been hijacked by organisations praying on customers looking to do the “right thing”.

We decided that rather than getting lost in the sea of voices claiming to do the right thing, we wanted to officially adhere to a higher standard of working that could be measured and certified by an external body and that is why we decided to change our legal status from a Ltd to a CIC.

This was a critical turning point for us as a business and we are so pleased to blazing the trail for everyone who wants Textiles and Fashion to do better. It is our dream to see more businesses in textiles and fashion adopt similar models. With a clear plan on how to treat people and the planet better, there won’t be much of an industry left!

So let's start to change things now! If we can do it, so can you!

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