At KALOPSIA we identified with the social enterprise's main purpose to promote, encourage, and make social change. We also recognised that more social enterprises are needed to rebalance the UK economy (see report link below) and we’d like to do our part to further that cause for our growing family.

Essentially social enterprises are businesses created to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way.

The 3 principles, now referred to as the triple bottom line are: 

1.    Trading and financially viable

2.    Creating social wealth

3.    Operating in environmentally responsible ways

This is KALOPSIA in a nutshell.

We also recognised that the world of capitalism is changing, how can businesses continue to grow when the world’s resources are diminishing? What is it that they are making that is benefiting the planet?

As a Social Enterprise KALOPSIA's primary purpose is our social and environmental mission. Maximising the amount of social good we create while balancing this against our financial goals. Through reinvesting the money we make in the business and the textiles community as a whole, we are able to ensure increased responsible growth in our sector.

Consider that a large proportion of what we make is from bigger production line off-cuts, turning waste into commercial product for our clients. So when our social enterprise profits society profits.

By KALOPSIA sharing new and existing knowledge, in an accessible and transparent way it is our hope that our ASSEMBLE platform can become a source of inspiration. This is for any individual, company or organisation, and not just in the textile-manufacturing field, we can see applications in technical and industrial sectors too.

The latest State of Social Enterprise report written by Social Enterprise UK, and supported by Santander showcases how social enterprises are outperforming their peers whilst tackling the triple threat of economic stagnation, social division and the environmental meltdown. In order to resolve the crisis in capitalism, more social enterprises are needed to rebalance the UK economy.

If you visit “Social Enterprise UK” and review their “State of Social Enterprise Reports” it makes for interesting reading. I promise it’s not all doom and gloom!

If you are considering switching or even starting up a social enterprise business, feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to share our experience of the process.  Don’t be shy, we don’t bite.



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