Clothes...we wear them every day but do we stop and think about their importance. They protect us from the elements, allow us to express ourselves, they can help to boost our confidence and make us feel safe. Clothing is vital...let's be honest if we went out without clothes we'd probably end up feeling very chilly and getting arrested.

Although we wear clothes everyday, most people don't know how clothes are made and how we should look after them.

Textiles are part of our everyday lives, but learning about clothing and how to care for and fix it will never be an easily accessible option for the majority of people. Textiles and sewing is rarely taught in schools now, and unless sewing skills are passed down from generation to generation most people will never know how to use a needle and thread or probably more importantly how to properly care for your clothing ( I'm sure we're all aware of at least one jumper that has been shrunk in the wash never able to be worn again).

Fixing rips in garments, altering clothing so that you are happy with it, customisation and actually washing your clothes to the correct instructions with the right detergent can all help prolong the life of your clothing.

We all know we need to do our bit for the environment so why don't we start to help by reducing the massive amount of textiles that end up in landfill every year by doing the best we can for our clothes.

Clothing is essential in our everyday lives so we need to start educating ourselves on it!!

Kirsty Watson - Head of Custom

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