Scandinavian design
Scottish Craftsmanship

Kalopsia is a transparent and responsible product developer and textiles manufacturer of accessories, apparel and homeware.

We help clients turn ideas into traction, develop product lines, and expand into new markets efficiently, as well as creating sustainable products by default.

KC Manufacturing (formally Assemble) provides classic, timeless, and well-designed product shapes that can be ordered easily and effectively through our website. Thereby allowing our clients to quickly and simply order products in their fabrics all manufactured in Scotland. We have no minimum order quantity - making it as accessible for 1 bag as for 1,000+ 

We created Assemble to work as building blocks for textile printers, weavers, and retailers. Allowing them to turn their fabric into commercial accessories and apparel easily, effectively, and affordably.

Our Assemble products and service is the UK's only manufacturer of standardised textiles accessories and apparel from (almost) any fabric supplied by our clients.

The KC Manufacturing service is built on the key principles of:

- Lean manufacturing
- Creating value for society
- Minimising our impact on the planet (designing out waste)
- Creating safe and well-paid employment for textile workers
- Designing products to last


The collection is created with simplicity, craftsmanship, and sustainability in mind. Balancing minimal classic design with contemporary, fresh aesthetics. This allows each fabric to put its stamp on the product, creating something new and exciting every time. This also enables us to provide upfront fabric requirements, clear pricing, and an open and transparent platform to order through.

Our standardised products are developed and refined based on the needs of our clients, whilst keeping the product portfolio streamlined. This creates a more circular supply chain, reusing parts and where the same principles of production apply to each client.

We have re-engineered a traditional type of production setting and production line. In practice, this means that we have control of a number of resources for example labour, ‘overproduction’, space, production line, inventory, and transportation.