Do you have surplus or 'waste' material or stock that you don't know what to do with?  It's time to repurpose that redundant stock and fabric and turn it into sales! (and of course reduce your brand environmental impact in the processes)   


Onshore, white label products, available to order now with no minimum. The easiest and more efficient way to turn  your surplus into something new. No matter the waste our team can make what you have and turn it into something new at scale. 

Not a textiles or fashion business but have fabric you would like to utilise? The process is simple and can all be done through out website. Pick your products, send us the fabric and you are good to go 

Only have small offcuts? 

We have  range of products for offcuts, starting at as small as 10cm square, nothing needs to be put in landfill.




Sseams + KC Labs 

Looking to make something custom from your surplus stock? Why not take the opportunity to come work with us. In partnership with Sseams we opening our doors to provide a space for you to REPURPOSE surplus stock without the distractions of the usual daily working commitments. 



We don't need to tell you the environmental importance of making the most of your fabrics and stopping product going to landfill but it's always important to think about the wider waste of resources when we don't full utilities our materials. When textiles are wasted so are the resources, natural, labour and finical which were invested and embedded into the fabric. The passion, the care and time put into the making it, let's acknowledgement those and make something special out of every fabric.